Old-School Essentials: Advanced Fantasy

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The essential old-school fantasy RPG, now expanded with advanced character options, magic, and monsters — plus brand new adventures!

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Adventures Progressing! Enhanced Reprints!
about 17 hours ago – Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 12:42:31 AM

Hey everyone,

Just a little status update today with some news on the adventure scenarios we're producing!

Adventure Team!

First up, I wanted to announce some of the people who are involved in the production of these adventures but who haven't been mentioned by name before. We've talked a bit about the authors and the artists involved (see this update), but that's only half the story.

  •  Editing: Is being done by the MoonRat Conspiracy (Fiona Maeve Geist and Jarrett Crader). They'll be diving into the text produced by the authors, tightening things up and making sure everything's consistent and smooth to read.
  •  Layout: Is being done by Anna of Double Proficiency. She'll be designing the visual look of the adventures and will be working with the editors to make sure each block of content (e.g. each area description) fits cleanly onto pages and spreads in the books.
  •  Cartography: Is being done by Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design. He'll be taking the sketch maps that the authors are producing (which, at least in the case of my maps for The Incandescent Grottoes, frankly look awful!) and creating something both beautiful and functional.

Now, onto the updates...

The Incandescent Grottoes and The Halls of the Blood King

Writing and play testing of these adventures is complete! The documents are now in the expert hands of our lovely editors and will be going into layout soon!

These are the two free adventures. Backers at PDF reward levels will be getting PDF copies of them and backers at physical reward levels will be getting print + PDF copies of them.

If you want to pick up extra copies of these adventures (to give to friends?), you can select them as an add-on in BackerKit.

Holy Mountain Shaker and Isle of the Plangent Mage

The writing of these adventures is nearing completion, so they'll be next up on the editors' desks.

If you want a copy of these adventures, you'll need to select them as an add-on in BackerKit — and remember that backers can get them at a 33% discount! ($10 in print. Their full retail price will be $15.)

Winter's Daughter and The Hole in the Oak

These two adventures were first published in 2019, but we'll be doing reprints of them along with the new adventures. If you select either of these as add-ons in BackerKit, you'll be getting a copy of the new editions, which as it happens will come with a couple of nice enhancements over the original printings!

  •  Winter's Daughter: Is getting a new colour layout and colour interior illustrations. (The original printing had a black & white interior.)
  •  The Hole in the Oak: Is going to printed as a hardcover and the layout will be redone to match the new adventures. (The original printing was a softcover.) Due to the different production requirements of softcover vs hardcover, the book will be getting a few extra pages, including a summary of the treasures found in the dungeon. (The dungeon itself isn't being expanded, though.)

If you want a copy of these adventures, you'll need to select them as an add-on in BackerKit.

Winter's Daughter reprint example spread showing the new colour interior. (Work in progress, final book may differ.)
The Hole in the Oak reprint example spread showing the new treasures summary. (Work in progress, final book may differ.)

Adventure PDFs

PDFs of the adventures will be sent out (via DriveThruRPG) once they're finalised and have been sent off to the printers. This is expected around early December.

Pledge Manager and Add-Ons Store

I hope you've all been enjoying browsing the add-ons store at BackerKit and selecting extra goodies to go along with your Kickstarter rewards! In case anyone is still having problems getting access to BackerKit: please email exaltedfuneral@gmail.com.

All For Now

We'll keep you posted with updates as thing develop. Hopefully we'll have some art for the adventures to share soon!

Gavin / Moss Master at Necrotic Gnome

ALL Pledge Level Surveys NOW Being Sent and Pre-order Store is BACK!
14 days ago – Tue, Oct 06, 2020 at 03:48:14 AM

Hey everyone!  

Thanks SO much for your help with figuring out the hiccups in the pledge manager and shipping issues. Your patience has been much appreciated while we work with BackerKit to resolve them. 

  • Shipping fees are no longer stacking for adding a single item, but instead are calculating the whole order based on weight. This means now when adding one or two more books, like the add-on adventures, to your pledge you may only see only a slight, or zero, shipping increase! 
  • T-shirts, Posters, and Canvas Prints now have the shipping fees added into the price, as these items are shipped in a different manor than the books. This means that there is no additional shipping fees for adding these items!

If you have already filled out your survey or purchased items through the pre-order store then no need to worry! You can log in and see that your order is updated with any changes to shipping and add-on items that now include shipping such as the shirt, poster, and canvas. If you hesitated to add more items due to the shipping price, there is still time to add them now that the correct shipping is in effect. Your cards will not be charged until the pre-order store closes, which will now be November 6th.

Surveys started going out tonight at 12:15am MST and will continue over the next day or so to go out in waves. Please do not worry if you have not received your survey immediately! 

Thank you again!

-Exalted Funeral and Necrotic Gnome

Pre-order Store Temporarily Closed
17 days ago – Sat, Oct 03, 2020 at 02:06:52 AM

Thanks everyone who has communicated issues with the pledge manager to us! We have closed the pre-order store while we adjust the shipping. We plan to re-open it AND send out the remaining pledges by Monday October 5th. -EF

Pledge Manager sent out to first wave of backers and Pre-order store Now Open!
17 days ago – Fri, Oct 02, 2020 at 06:26:25 PM

Here We Go!

This won't be as articulate an update as Gavin posts, but nevertheless exciting. We are very proud to announce that the Backerkit Pre-order Store is now open! Some of you might have gotten the smoke test already to see if any kinks remain in our meticulously crafted bazar! Do not fret if you haven't got it yet it's just a failsafe and will roll out soon!

A few things of note: 

  • Covers are still being developed by the lovely artists for the adventures so please stay tuned for teasers to appear! 
  • The t-shirts (except for the Exclusive T-shirt  included in the Dungeon Deity pledge), the posters, and the canvas prints will ship SEPERATELY from your other items. So if you see an increase in monetary amount, this is why. 
  • The store will be open for one month from the date when all backers receive their pledge surveys (should be in the next day or so) in order for us to get final counts for production. After that date it will close and the products will not be available to order until after backers receive their rewards next spring. 

In regards to other updates and such: 

If you are still missing your PDF

  • Reach out to us, EF at exaltedfuneral.com . BUT HEY I DID THAT!? Don't fret we have to compile these and then send them out. We apologize for the waits and appreciate the patience! 

If you want to change your pledge: 

  • Now you can! Backerkit gives you the opportunity to change and add items as you wish. If you need a cancelation please email us at exaltedfuneral@gmail.com 

If you just want to chat about OSE or EF:

  • Check out the Necrotic Gnome Discord
  • Check out the Exalted Funeral Discord 

Can I combine this with existing Exalted Funeral products: 

  •  No, and this will not be possible near delivery as well. 

Hey! I don't care about this update it's too long and I just want some art or something fun:

  • Here you go: 
*Not actual shirt

 Is this meme any good? No. But it does illustrate it is spooky season and that shirts and merchandise from Necrotic Gnome are now available. (I Know I couldn't even get a gnome )

 Thank you everyone that has pledged and continues to take this journey with us!!! We are so excited to bring the best to you!

Small Pledge Manager Delay / PDF Updates / Announcing Carcass Crawler
21 days ago – Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 03:20:06 PM

Hey everyone,

There are a few small topics that we wanted to update you all on today.

Pledge Manager Access Slightly Delayed

In update #16, we said that we'd be opening access to the pledge manager (BackerKit) this week. Unfortunately, we've had a slight delay in getting everything set up and will be opening the pledge manager next week. (The delay is, in part, due to a bout of sickness in the Exalted Funeral lair, which set things back a few days. Serious bed rest was required! 1d3 hit points were recovered per day.)

Pre-Release PDFs Updated

Just a quick note that the pre-release PDFs of the Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome and Referee's Tome have been updated. The updates include fixes for some small issues that were noted by backers. (Thank you!) If you want to check out the updated versions, head over to the itch page to download them:

For those who want to keep up to date with changes to the pre-release PDFs, I'd recommend one of the following:

(I do have the option of sending out an email from itch when the PDFs are updated, but I felt that not everyone would appreciate emails potentially every couple of days.)

If you've had problems receiving the links to the pre-release PDFs please email exaltedfuneral@gmail.com. If you've already done so, please hold tight. The delays with setting up the pledge manager have also delayed us getting back to you.

Announcing Carcass Crawler 

And now a completely different topic... Carcass Crawler! "What's that?" you may ask. Well, aside from being the name of an iconic monster in Old-School Essentials, it's the name of the official Old-School Essentials zine!

Carcass Crawler cover. Art by Thomas Denmark. Final design may differ.

Backers will be receiving a copy of the exclusive inaugural issue! Remember the stretch goal that unlocked a zine-style booklet of expanded character options (including 8 new classes)? Well, this booklet is the exclusive inaugural issue of Carcass Crawler!

As it's an exclusive reward for Kickstarter backers, it's not exactly the official "issue one". A proper issue one will emerge at some point in the future. You can expect to see new classes, magic, monsters, rules options, articles, and so on. (The plan is for issues to be published on a sporadic basis, rather than according to a strict schedule.)

I just wanted to give you a little bit of a glimpse into what lies ahead and into what you'll be receiving.

All For Now

Hold tight for those BackerKit links!

Gavin / Moss Master at Necrotic Gnome